Magni’s gyroplanes

Vittorio Magni’s Magni Gyro is a company that produces a range of gyroplanes known worldwide for being reliable, safe, stable and of high quality.
At present the range includes the new M24 Orion, M18 Spartan with partially enclosed single seat, M14 Scout with two partially enclosed seats 1+1 and M16 Tandem Trainer with two partially enclosed seats, dual control system for training, and the two seat M22 Voyager suitable for long flights.

M24 Orion

The M24 Orion is a fully enclosed, side by side two seat, dual control model, specially designed for those who do not want to go without comfort, even when having fun.

M22 Voyager  

The M22 Voyager model is, as the name itself suggests, the ideal solution for travelling in total comfort: a well-equipped two-seat gyroplane featuring a large luggage compartment and an oversize fuel tank. Ideal for travelling, it maintains the stability and safety characteristics of the M16 model.

M16 Tandem Trainer  

The M16 model has been in production for a long time. It has recently been upgraded in order to better meet customers’ needs; this has been achieved by technical development and better knowledge of the market demand.